Monday, 29 August 2011


A blank page to write on is like an empty fridge when you are hungry and you would like to cook something. It is a bit of a hard mission…

So tonight, after walking around searching for inspiration, I start looking at some old pictures and I found this:

You may be wondering… what the hell is this?? Hopefully it look as good as it tastes. This is a CROSTATA ALLA FRUTTA. As much of my basic culinary knowledge, this as well comes from my grandmother repertory.  She uses to make this in any of the special familiar reunions. Her CROSTATA was a perfect balance between style and taste. I am still working on both aspects.  Cooking is a learning process.

This is my favourite when the summer is coming. It doesn’t take long to make it and the result is worth a bit of waiting. The base is the same as the one described in one of my previous posts (6/10/2010)… for the topping, just choose some juicy and tasty fruit at your choice from your nearest market, and is all done. Easy, isn’t it?

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