Sunday, 3 April 2011


After long time, a bit of time to spend thinking about Cibolandia...
Many months passed by between study, work and a lot of good food of course.
This time I won't write about anything but my dissertation project: the food shopping online!!

To be honest, I was an old fashioned visitor of supermarket until one day my super tech wife proposed me to do our grocery shopping online. My scepticism was quickly defeated by the fact that I didn't have to carry kilos and kilos of meats, water, fruits until my fingers get purple and my arms painful for three days. But at the time we chose (more or less) of the day we decided a stranger knocked at our door saying: "It's X your food shopping is here!". I loved it!!

From that day I occasionally visit a supermarket, finding annoying queuing at the till, looking for hidden items in endless shelves and trying not to be run over by trolleys.

All this to say that my master dissertation project is about ONLINE GROCERY SHOPPING and I will need the help of all of you to complete  a quick and easy survey that is possible to find at the following link:

Thanks for your cooperation and see you soon

Stay tuned

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